Get Out of Hell Free?

Is it possible that the Lord provides a second chance after death to gain Heaven? Not so. It is our assignment from on high to be engaged in making disciples of the nations. We must each consider, what will be my grade on that assignment?

Your Passion

Find out assignments short-term, long-term, home and abroad that might use your strengths. So that when you wake up in the morning you look forward to the day. To find that opportunity …

What Does the Lord Require?

Will God be sufficiently pleased with religious activity, such as going to church, serving others when it is convenient, or giving now and again, or even tithing?

Step Out of Your Shoes!

It is not “God has a wonderful plan for your life.” It is “God has a wonderful plan,” and you are part of it. God stepping into your shoes constitutes a majority.

Going Fishing

Each of us is unique as each leaf on a tree is unique. You are made special for this time and this place. The Lord trusted you enough to put you on the earth at this time.

Only Our Best

We have been forgiven much. The expectation of the Lord is for us to be overflowing with a grateful spirit. We are bought with a price. Therefore, our time and our skills are His, but He is only interested in us if we willingly give back.

The God of Small Beginnings

But you say, “the problems of the world, home and abroad, are too great. What can one person do?” Notice how every effective Bible character started with small steps. We have permission to think big.

The Cost of No Decision

We know in business and other areas of life, the greater the risk, the greater the reward. While on earth we are to lay up our time, talent and treasure for Him for our eternity with Him. It is a big risk to avoid risk.

It Pays to Pay Attention

The hints for effective living are already within us. God’s will for us, his direction for us, is generally more to do with what gives us life, what energizes us and what gives us delight. It pays to pay attention.

Assisted to Assist

The account of Jesus healing Peter’s Mother-in-Law is recorded in Matthew, Mark and Luke. Why is it so important that this single solitary healing early in His ministry would receive so much press?

What’s the Big Deal?

If we humble ourselves, to give ourselves over to the Lord to do whatever He asks, the Lord can do amazing things. We have a big God.

The Miracle of New Life and a Surrendered Life

Spiritual life is a miracle of God birthing new life in those that receive Him. It is not too much of a stretch for us to see the miracle of awareness that we are not our own, but fullness of life comes living with a fullness of life in the Lord, that is with His agenda.

On Track or Side Tracked?

Oh, so you have built a tower have you? What will you think of next? According to some commentators, that is the sense of the voice found in Genesis 11 when God comments sarcastically on the little efforts of men and women to make themselves big and...

Fruitfulness His Highest Value

The Lord’s highest value for us is righteousness and fruitfulness. We have to ask ourselves where we are on the spectrum of Kingdom fruitfulness?  What are others saying about you?  More importantly, what will Jesus say about you?

But I am with you

Moses was challenged by God to take on a new assignment by a big God. Moses objected, “Who am I that should go …” The Lord’s response was simple, “But I shall be with you.” That was supposed to be enough for Moses and is intended to be enough for you and me. 

Quiet Time and Missionary Life

“When I arrive on the mission field, I’ll be more consistent with my quiet times.” Have you ever thought that? I did before entering the field. We would agree that if Jesus spent time in prayer and communion with His Father, sometimes all night, we are to do the same. Christians, whether they are missionaries or not, frequently confess, however, that finding the minutes for a consistent quite time can be challenging.

Surprised by Jesus

However, the paradox is that you and I do not work for God to be accepted by Him. That is religion. Rather it is, I am accepted by God, therefore …

A Difficult Spot

Jeremiah 47:10 never made it into a memory verse packet.  It reads, “Accursed is the man that is slack in doing the Lord’s work.” Another translation is “Cursed is the man that is lax in doing the Lord’s work.” We don’t want to be there …

Lord of Loose Ends

The Lord asks us to do something that we cannot do without the power of the Holy Spirit by faith. For without faith, without risking something for God, it is impossible to please Him. It is a risky business not to risk something for God.

Whose Plans?

Notice Jeremiah 29:11 it is not “For I know the plans you have for you.” It is not our plans, but His plans for us that He promises to prosper in and through us. Jesus helps us out with what those plans are …


Among His last words before leaving the earth, Jesus applied no qualifier as to who should be involved in training the people of the nations. Choose to be a part of this great plan …

Wait! One More Thing

After Jesus had completed the plan of salvation by ushering in the New Covenant, He made a number of post-resurrection appearances.  At the last breakfast, He did not come back to make small talk or chit-chat about old times. It is as fit he appears to say, “One more thing.”

Finding your Service Match

If you’re considering God’s call to foreign missions, you’re probably wondering how to choose an area of work. To start, consider your experiences and avocations.

Raising Support for Your Mission Trip

Raising support for a mission trip is often met with reluctance and fear. However, as we began to delve into the topic, we realize that we needed to learn God’s perspective and promises.

Finding Your Fit in Ministry

I feel God prompting me to go into mission service, yet how can I know if I am even a fit for ministering in a mission agency at home or overseas? How has the Lord created me to do ministry? What Spiritual gifts do I have?

Adjusting to Serving in a New Culture

Mission work requires flexibility. Going to serve in a new culture or country means adjusting to new norms and customs. Some you may be prepared for, and others may completely throw you off guard. Here are a few topics to consider, and resources to help.

Your Family and Missions

While starting a new direction in missions may be important to you, I’m sure keeping your family protected, provided for, and intact in a world that tries to tear apart family values is at the top of your list of priorities. When God nudged me to consider missions, we were a very dysfunctional family.

Find the Mission Agency That’s Right for You

How do you find a mission agency that is similar in scope to your abilities, passion, location preference and interests? It is important to research any agency you might be considering.  While every agency often has a specific focus, their actual ministry footprint can be very large.

How I Became a Missionary

I was afraid that I did not know enough about Jesus, that I did not know His word and that I would turn people away rather than draw them to Him. How could I talk to people about a love that I was just learning about and allowing to change and shape my world?

An Honest Reason to Become a Missionary

Looking back at a career in missions asked myself: Why did I really become a missionary? Was it because of business downsizing, or because I wanted to look holy to my friends? Was it because I wanted to work for God?

Should I Go on a Short-Term Mission Trip?

When thinking of missionaries, many people think only of Christians who have taken up residence in some foreign country where the inhabitants most likely are unfamiliar with the Christian faith. However, every year thousands of Christians travel all over the world for periods of one week to six months to share the good news of the Gospel.

Advice for Picking a Mission Agency

You believe that God is calling you to serve in missions, but you need to find an agency to affiliate with. Where do you begin? As you begin searching, you find there are a myriad of different mission agencies to choose from. How can you decide?

Me, a Missionary?

Get real. I am not a doctor, linguist, pilot, or even a pastor. Why would God call me to be a missionary? But what does God say about going to all the nations?

Another Way to Think About Careers

I don’t feel like going to my usual Sunday school class, I said to myself as I entered church, so I think I’ll watch the video another class is showing. God used my unusual decision to direct our lives in ways we had never dreamed.

A Thanksgiving Reflection

What is it about holidays that brings Charlie Brown movies out of the woodwork? Everywhere we turn, it’s time for another Peanuts episode!

Let’s Get the Workers to the Harvest Today!

The Lord says in his word that “the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few” (Mathew 9:37 NIV). Today, the World more than ever is in desperate need of workers to go out into every nation to reach the lost and the broken.

A New Chapter for MissionNext

Quite a few things have changed since we started in 1998. By God’s grace, we’re entering a whole new chapter for connecting you with mission opportunities.  

A Change in Plans

Comfortable – that’s what you would call my career in the banking field, but God had other plans for me with that two letter command.

Provide a Way, Lord

Watching and sending is one way of serving Christ. And then, there are times when being the supportive hands and feet becomes a God-guided reality.

God at Work: Here

MissionNext partners with over 100 mission agencies and Christian schools, all with diverse needs. Be encouraged with two stories of God-ordained connections.

The Reason You’re Needed

They’re out there. Searching for the right messenger–perhaps someone like you–whose skill and passion match their unique ministry needs.

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